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Trivia Quiz

Posted 06 April 2012 - 08:21 AM

Hi their

I am creating an advanced flash trivia game which will have the option to answer questions from 3 displayed answers. For this project I shall be using XML to store the quiz data and Flash Actionscript 3 to programme the whole game.

On the the canvas I would like to have the question displayed, the 3 answer options and a timer. I am looking online through several websites which provide tutorials and code on how to do it but I am struggling you see. Some teach you to use "SPRITES" and some teach you to use "MOVIECLIPS" etc, I'm just so confused on how to do it! :(. I have used XML and Flash before and to be honest I prefer to use Movieclips so I can change how I would like to display the questions and answers on the canvas. But this tutorial does not teach you how to input a timer and what number questions your on etc .

http://www.scribd.co...d-a-Quiz-in-AS3 <<< the tutorial link. I tried contacting the tutorial admin but he does not want to reply to me :nottalkingtoyou:

I would very much appreciate it if someone out their can help me please. :helpsmilie:

Thanks a bunch!


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