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Considerations for a Global Task Manager Portal

Posted 20 April 2012 - 01:45 AM

Hi all

I am new to the community and to programming in general so any help would be much appreciated.

My goal is to build a task list portal that is accesible and can be updated daily with inputs from multiple global locations with the form being saved in an archive, which could then be viewed at a later time. The archive wouldn't need any complicated functionality - only to scroll or browse to the task list of a previous day.

In the attachment is a layout draft of the form: Attached Image

The portal would essentially consist of 6 columns with information being sourced from static lists (list items), databases (user credentials) or internet links (item completion time).

It has been suggested to me that SQL would be the most appropriate way to program the content.

Could anyone suggest where I might begin here to make this a reality?

Many thanks!

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Re: Considerations for a Global Task Manager Portal

Posted 20 April 2012 - 05:30 AM

First, Sql would be what you would use to house the data, not actually create what your wanting to create. Your going to want to use a language like ASP.NET, Php, Ruby, Ect. Or since this is very basic functionality an HTML page with Javascript could work to do what your wanting to do.
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