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windows form shutters when moved

Posted 01 May 2012 - 01:36 AM

Hello I have a large project that i bult with windows forms. When I drag a form on my screen it will move with no problem. When part of the form is overlaping the edge of my monitor and i try to drag it , the form will shutter when its moving. It moves as if it is partially stuck to its last position. I could only imagen it being somthing to do with the textures i added to the form componants properties and the way it is drawn when being dragged in this sertine way. When i remove all textures from my form it does not have the jerky drag when i move the form. Could i use another image type to solve this? thanks for any help i cant have this ruin my large project. thanks again.

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Re: windows form shutters when moved

Posted 01 May 2012 - 05:45 AM

Please don't post help questions in the C++ Advanced Discussion forum. Moving to C++/CLI.

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