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[Link]Test-After Development is not Test-Driven Development

Posted 25 June 2012 - 07:23 PM

Interesting post by Stephen Walther on the differences between test-after and test-driven development in ASP.NET.



Recently, I had a disagreement with a colleague over the correct way to do Test-Driven Development. This is an important disagreement because it affects the design of the ASP.NET MVC framework.

According to my co-worker (let’s call him Tad), there is no difference between Test-First Development and Test-After Development “except when you write your unit tests.” Tad is a practitioner and proponent of Test-After Development. When you practice Test-After Development, you write application code first and then you write a unit test that tests the application code.

From the perspective of someone who practices Test-Driven Development, this gets things backwards. I believe that it is an essential part of Test-Driven Development that you must write your unit test before writing any application code. Why does it matter?

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