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C# classes/tutoring/tutorial recommendations?

Posted 28 June 2012 - 11:05 AM

I am interested in learning C# to code games. I bought a book (Head First C# 2nd ed) and it's pretty good but so far it's only windows form applications. I understand that it would be dumb to start with games, though. I have to learn the ropes, and then make a lot of very simple mechanics-only games before I try at a real one. I have also been using this tutorial which was very good up until one point during the "Methods" lesson where I got completely lost and it made me reevaluate what I had learned. According to the (now dead) forum I'm not the only one in that camp. I come from an HTML/CSS coding background and I think it may be causing some mental hangups.

It seems that I keep getting stuck and have to ask questions, but have nobody to ask them to. I was thinking about paying for a tutor, or classes but I don't know if it'd be worth it. Asking on forums is tough because not only will I just add to the cacophony of new coders saying "HAY HOW DO I MEAK GAME?" but I would then have to wait a day or two to get a response. That is an issue because I work and have to set aside free time to learn this stuff. If I run into an issue 10 minutes into a lesson (which has happened) and really can't wrap my head around it I have to call it a night.

So tutoring? Classes? A really good (and I mean really good) video series? I am totally willing to pay. Even if it's someone on this forum, we could do it over Skype. I really want to learn this but it seems that all of the "C# and XNA Game Tutorial" videos are amateur and poorly constructed.

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Re: C# classes/tutoring/tutorial recommendations?

Posted 28 June 2012 - 11:10 AM

Don't try to architect a program while you are still learning the basics of C#. It just never works. Its like saying you are going to learn home architecting WHILE you hammer boards together without a blueprint, and try to learn both new skills at the same time.

First learn the language. Do a couple hundred tutorial projects where you build what you're told to build, the way you are told to build it WITH AN EXPLANATION OF WHY so you can learn.

Then later you can start architecting your own simple stuff. Build a calculator. Build a DVD library program. Etc. Stuff that doesn't involve the complexity of a game.

Then move up to games.

There are three routes people seem to take when learning programming.
  • Just start trying to create programs
  • Start taking apart other programs and try to figure out the language by reverse engineering
  • Follow a guided learning course (school or self-teaching books)

For the life of me I can't figure out why people try 1 & 2. I strongly suggest taking the guided learning approach. Those book authors go in a certain order for a reason: They know what they're doing and they know the best order to learn the materials.


Where do I start?

You start by learning a coding language FIRST.
Learn to plan before you type.
THEN you start designing software with a purpose.

If this sounds like you

Newbie/Rookie said:

I have a little programming experience but I need to write ...
read this section

Otherwise, you can just jump to the resources here:
Some of the tutorials below are for C# or Java not C, C++, VB.NET [...]. But the conceptual stuff of classes, object oriented design, events etc. are not language specific and should give you enough guidance in theory of program development for you to be able to look-up specific code example in your chosen coding language.

Resources, references and suggestions for new programmers. - Updated Mar 2012

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