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my batch code's /a dont work like i want it to

Posted 02 July 2012 - 11:28 AM

good day fellows im relativley new here
allso im relativley new to codeing
so the first languge (wich i am curently lerning) is batch
and i am haveing a bit of a problem whit it currently
you see i am trying to make a challange i gues... tracker maby? i dont know
and whit im currently tryting to do is make my code be able to change by choseing that option that you have compleated it
the challange that wuld be
for this i have tried to use set /a
it dose not work so i need help
here is the code if u culd help out a newbie i wuld be most gratefull
@echo off
set 1 = incompleate
set 2 = incompleate
echo you can goto...
echo 1. challanges

set /p main=

if %main% == 1 goto chall

goto main
set /p 1= 
set %1% == incompleate
set /p 2=
set %2% == incompleate
echo 1. kill 10 snow golems %1%
echo 2. get 10 snowballs %2%
set /p if=

if %if% == 1 goto com1
if %if% == 3 goto main

goto chall

set /p 1=
set %1% == compleate
set /p 2=
set %2% == compleate
goto chall

keep in mind this is not the acctual code this is the testing area for i dont wish to mes upp my real code by implementing something that dosent work
plase help if you can

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