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Autoselect in dropdownextender on textbox textchanged

Posted 05 July 2012 - 01:07 AM

Hi to all reading this post.

I have a textbox that accepts Transaction Id and a dropdown extender that is populated with a list of transaction ids available.

My dropdown extender is a panel with a repeater that binds the list of transactions.

What I want to implement is that the behavior of the dropdownlist will be like the windows form's combobox wherein when the user types a character, the dropdown automatically selects or focuses on the item that contains the typed character/s.

So for example, I have in my dropdownlist the following transactions:


When I type in the textbox 'A' then the first instance of a transaction containing 'A' as its first character will be focused.

If I type another character, 'B', which makes it 'AB' then the item in my dropdownlist with the starting characters 'AB'
will be focused.

I am wondering if I can use StartsWith but problem is... I do not know how to focus the item in the repeater inside the dropdownlist.

I hope someone can give a hand.

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