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[link] An Internal Application Message Bus in VB.Net

Posted 31 July 2012 - 09:50 AM


A thorough and detailed explanation on how this works, what it looks like, a demo, and all the fix'ns. Not a bad thing to test out implementing on the side.


Modern programming languages and multi-core CPUs offer very efficient multi-threading. Using multithreading can improve performance and responsiveness of an application, but working with threads is quite difficult as they can make things much more complicated. One way to organise threads so that they co-operate without tripping over each other is to use a messaging mechanism to communicate between them.

A message bus provides a means of message transmission in which the sender and receiver are not directly connected. For example, Ethernet is a message bus all senders put all their messages on the bus and, locally at least, all receivers receive every message.

This form of messaging is usually referred to as a Publish and Subscribe model.

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