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Pre-Formatted text

Posted 15 August 2012 - 11:03 AM

Ive got a program that works out the bill for someones meal quite simply, by the number of items that had so 3 drinks, 2 starters, 2 main meals, 1 pudding. Then the total.

What i want to do is when they push the generate bill button for to take the numbers from all the categories so dinner.text etc. and add them to a pre formated bill my problem is i dont even know where i would begin to make a text document like that. I know that is is probably simple but im just looking for someone to point me in the right direction if at all possible :)

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Re: Pre-Formatted text

Posted 15 August 2012 - 11:13 AM

I would imagine you have an "Order" object with properties like:

string Server
int TableNumber
int CheckNumber
double Subtotal
double tax
string paymentMethod

Then you have a LineItem class with properties like:
string description
enum TaxClass // Liquour is taxed differently than food in many states

So a guest's receipt is an instance of the "Order" class and you keep adding LineItems as they order food and beverage

To present the bill you would loop through the order and display everything on screen. You might look up "String.Format" on MSDN. The Steve X page is probably the definitive page on formatting strings.

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