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VBA for Word User Form/Array of checkboxes

Posted 16 August 2012 - 08:33 AM

I have a document with multiple checkboxes enclosed in a frame. When the user selects one of more of the checkboxes, it will direct individual blocks of text to a Word Document Bookmark. I.e.

If cbSCz32 = True Then strSC = "This is #1"
If cbSCz33 = True Then strSC = "This is #2"
If cbSCz34 = True Then strSC = "This is #3"

In the word document at the bookmark it should read (if chkbox 1 & 3 are selected) as

This is #1
This is #3

I have the document working correctly that the text appears but it is only taking the last selection in the checkbox... i.e. it would only show "this is #3".

I cannot locate a VBA code example on how to create a Checkbox array/loop to have it insert all text represented by each checkbox. I'm a little lost and would love it someone could give me an example or send me in the right direction.

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