My n00btastic stream

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My n00btastic stream

Posted 28 August 2012 - 03:18 PM

Hey guys. For all of you out there who like video games/ watching game streams/love to make fun of n00bs/love watching people rage take a look at my game stream right here here.

I try to stream every night I can. I play Realm of the madgod and Darksouls. Or whatever games people want me to play.

I am trying to get sponsored by razor or logitech so I can pay for my college.

The more people watch the more sponsors I get.

So help a poor fella out and watch people make fun of me while I die over and over again.

Thanks D.I.C. Heads,

Sorry for the duplicate stream. I don't know why that happened. You can close this.

I don't know why two threads were made. Please close this one. Thanks

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