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Security Scripting with Perl Ideas

Posted 30 August 2012 - 08:24 AM

Hey everyone. I am a senior in college at the moment and have a co-op going on as a final type of thing for my 4 year degree. This co-op happens to be at the college that i go to which i also work at, for my low level tech position we dont delve much into the security aspect of things, however my "awesome" boss :) is letting me think of some projects that are security related and implement them at the college and have that be part of the job description.
SO WE COME TO THE PERL PART: Also as a filler class to get 12 hours, Im taking a Systems Automation class using PERL. So i will be posting alot of cool Perl scripts as tutorials while i go along. But basically, ive decided to use this class in juncture with my co-op problem and my boss approved of it, so i need IDEAS ONLY about what type of security related scripts I could run on a network/local machines. I have full admin rights so you know, and we run many services locally such as HTTP and Exchange and a few others.
So far Ideas i have are:
1. Check for local unauthorized file changes.
2. Check for unauthorized network port usage.
3. Wake-on LAN and update scripts.
4. Still thinking....

Just came up with this yesterday, so still thinking of things when i can. Ill check back regularly and see what you guys think. You dont have to post ideas, even if you want to build on an idea i have or have suggestions, or hints. Or just want to say why something wouldnt work.
THanks guys

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Re: Security Scripting with Perl Ideas

Posted 31 August 2012 - 02:58 AM

Having done a bit of this kind of thing myself (long-time Perl junkie and former full-time sysadmin), the first thing to my mind was monitoring logs for intrusion attempts. Detecting and processing spam could also be considered security-relevant (stopping malware attachments and phishing expeditions before they reach users).
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