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Okyanus again :)

Posted 07 September 2012 - 12:31 AM

Hi friends,

I'm Deniz, from Turkey. I'm a 4-years-experienced computer engineer in one of the best software companies in Turkey. (in fact I got 11 years of experience, but in last 4 years, I've professionally worked).

Also I was Java trainer, moderator, and s-mod in some forums about 8 years. But because of my job, I was "retired". But now, I want to start it again..

I'm here to help you all as much as I can, and I'm aiming improve my english with practices through our conversations. And maybe I can learn something more. I'll share my knowledge, and try to learn something from yours ;)

If you say my mistakes on languages(and if any, on my posts) I'll be really very happy.

In dreamingcome.net, is there a place for me? :)

Best regards,

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Re: Okyanus again :)

Posted 07 September 2012 - 01:08 AM

As introduce yourself template in above post :

Name: Deniz
Location: TURKEY
Age: 29
Birthdate: 19.07.1983
Sex: Male
Height: 179cm
Weight: 89,5kg
Hair: Black (at least, for now :) )
Eyes: Brown
Education: Computer Engineer
Programming Languages: Java, J2SE, J2ME, J2EE, and some other Java technologies, etc.
Years Programming/Designing: 11 (7 years hobby and university + 4 years professional)
Employer: Because of my position, can't give
Hobbies/Interests: Swimming, ice hockey, bodybuilder
Favorite Bands: Nightwish, Epica, Tristania, After Forever, Therion, Beseech
Favorite Movie: Powder, Matrix, Transformers
Favorite Color: Blue & Black
Favorite Number: The smallest one
Favorite Beverage: Mocha Flappicino
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Sport: OKYANUS.Hobbies/Interests :)
Favorite Phrase: I see coding people :)
Favorite Animal: Swordfish
Favorite Video Game: Crysis
Favorite Quote: didnt think before
Likes: everything improves me
Dislikes: others than OKYANUS.Likes
Last Good Book I Read: which kind and type? about what? uncompleted question for multi-reading people ;)
If I Could Have One Superhuman Ability, It Would Be: I'll never give up

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Re: Okyanus again :)

Posted 07 September 2012 - 04:14 AM

Welcome to dream in code, we are happy to have you here. Hope you will find the community the best place to be.

Welcome and looking forward to see around in forums... :)
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