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iOS Development and setting up a database within xcode project

Posted 10 September 2012 - 09:34 AM

I'm developing an iPhone application with xcode, and as I have my docs and data code set up,
a very large part of this application is based around the idea of the user inputting information by submitting their state from a drop-down box and having their search result displayed alphabetically. The info would need to come from an initial website, and then depending on what the user chooses out of the list, pull information from another website listed on the initial one.

Like, for example:
State > Florida > List of schools coming from that initial website > University of Florida > List of computer science professors at UF

Basically I'm trying to determine a way to link up to a site so I won't have to go in and manually input all the data.. Obviously doing this would slow down my progress time greatly.

Has anyone on here ever linked up a database within their iOS app?


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