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An Artist and a Composer looking for a programmer.

Posted 12 September 2012 - 12:11 AM

We're an artist and a composer from Australia, We love games and we'd love to make games but we're in need of a Programmer.

We are dedicated and available to work all week and we're looking for someone who shares the same motivation and passion for games!
We're interested in developing for Consoles and PC but not Flash-based games or IOS. We didn't grow up loving that kind of stuff.

We love a lot of different games/genres but some of our favourites are:
Super Mario World & SMW2: Yoshis Island, Donkey Kong Country 2, Final Fantasy VII, Ocarina of Time, Symphony of the Night, Mario 64, Super Metroid, Resident Evil (GC REMAKE), Dead Or Alive, Metal Gear Solid, Kirby Super Star, Phantasy Star Online, Chrono Trigger, the list goes on.

We'd like to make lots of small demos, etc. initially then move on to bigger projects once we get the workflow down. One step at a time :).

We're looking for someone who can program with C#(for XNA, Unity, etc.)/C/C++ but just about any language you're comfortable with will do. If you're still intermediate/not the best but have some serious passion for games and motivation then seriously contact us also.

I come from a concept art background and can do 2D pixel art or 3D depending on what game we want to make. Here are some examples:


If you really like games(Angrybirds, etc. don't count) and are sick of people backing out of projects/lacking any motivation or passion then email us and let's make some awesome games.

[email protected]

Srsly, email us. You know you want to :D.


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