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Looking for a small team to start a UDK Online FPS Project.

Posted 20 September 2012 - 06:19 PM

Hello i'm new to this forum so im sorry if i've post this in the wrong section, as the title says we're looking for a small team to start a Online First Person Shooter project with the UDK. No matter how much experience you have we're interested in making you part of our team. All work will be Non-Paid unless the project is a success then Royalty will be paid to everyone who works on the project. Everyone on the team will have a big say on everything that goes on in the game from the title to the game mechanics to the models.

We are not a gaming studio, we are two young men who have worked hard over the last year to learn how to create a game. A few months ago we decided to switch from the Unity game engine into UDK to start a project and now we feel we've learnt enough to start in a project. We are both level designer and have had a bit of experience in the Unity Game engine doing a horror survival fps game project, Since we changed over to UDK we've been hard at worlk learning the engine and have made some good looking levels.

PLEASE NOTE: we need everyone on our team to be able to work with The Unreal Development Kit.

So let's get on to what positions we need filling.

We need:

1 UI Designer
1 Unreal Scripter
1 Environmental Artist
1 Character Animator
1 Character and Assets Artist
1 Sound Effects Artist
1 Particle/Effects Artist

If you have experience in more than one position and would like to do more than one position then please say in your email.

To apply for to be part of the team please email [email protected] with the following:

Position interested in:
Experience (if Any):
Amount of time you can work per day/week:
Links to any of your work online:

We're currently setting up our website www.goldenwolfgames.co.uk

Thank you for reading. We hope to be able to show in game screenshots an videos in the coming months on our website.

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Re: Looking for a small team to start a UDK Online FPS Project.

Posted 20 September 2012 - 07:51 PM

Moving to 'post a job'..
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