C#: Grid in application for data

Want to create a spreadsheet-like control (DataGridView not working?)

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C#: Grid in application for data

Posted 11 June 2007 - 08:57 AM

Howdy again guys,

So I am continuing development on a TCP/IP utility with a proprietary API. I am able to call functions that return important data about the system I am testing (as strings, integers and doubles).

Now, I want to put this data into a spreadsheet, but dont know how. I have looked up information about DataGridView, but every tutorial I can find uses a database as its implementation.

I just want to create a loop to update cells in the grid view.

Right now I am just have a listbox that updates with this one set of data:

			for (int i = start; i < (end); i++)

However, each of these Signals also has a value associated with it (actually, a vector of multiple values). I would like to display each of the signals and its value in a nice excel-esque format.

Any links or thoughts? Thanks!!

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