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Multiple database site - best practice.

Posted 03 October 2012 - 10:06 AM

I have a site where I will have clients logging into. Once logged in they may use more than one service. Each service has a database. I want to know which layout would be better. I use Entity Framework with the front-end, MSSQL, and VS2010. Where you read service - I don't mean a Windows or Web service object.

Option #1) 1 solution, 1 project, multiple folders with there ASPX pages related to that service provided, multiple Entity models.

Option #2) 1 solutions, 1+ projects, each project defines the service provided and uploads to a subfolder on site.

I feel like #2 is more correct due to the Global.asax file, but honestly I don't need the scaffolding of tables if that is only for the template pages.

With option #1 does each model go into the folder for that service or in the main directory?

Thanks for your guidance!

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