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Website shop/file delivery/resonse

Posted 15 June 2007 - 02:09 PM

Hi guys!
My first post here of many here so go easy one me :) Hopefully you can help me, I hope I've posted this in the right place!!

Skip this paragraph for my question but just to give you some background info as to enlighten you in my situation I'm 19 years old and currently attending university. I'm looking at setting up my own business and as I'm not from a wealthy family and the fact I am a student, I need to gauge an idea of capital cost before I set out to make sure I can achieve what I want and seek financial help where possible.

I need a website built but I need to have a rough idea how much this will cost and how much - if any - I can do myself. I would say I have a general idea of coding (in that I could edit coding to suit my needs) but not write it all. Here's the process and what I need...


1) User registers on website, creates profile containing info.
2) A shop is available where by the user selects the amount of allowances they wish to have. Payment is made to a nochex merchant account.
3) As an one allowance is purchased, the user's account is accredted with one allowance.
4) The user can then upload one file (with a file limit), together with fields containing info on the file. The file name is changed to a randomised name upon reaching the server.
5) The user then selects contacts that are stored on a database and sends the file.
6) An automatic email is generated and sent to all contacts selected, the email contains the file link and information entered. The subject line contains the randomised file name as to identify the file.
7) Recipent replies to server email, individual files identified by the randomised file name in subject line.
8) Reply in email automatically copied from email to the relevant users user area (randomised file name linked to user).


- I need to be able to add/edit/delete services and prices in the shop aswell as adding promo discounts.
- User account must show previous uploaded files and their replies to each upload.
- Need to be able to add/edit/delete contacts easily.
- Need to be able to view the number of files sent to each contact receives on a monthly basis.
- If a contact does not reply a notice is sent to myself.
- Contacts have 7 days to reply - if they do not reply a generic reply is posted to the user's area and an email is sent to myself specifying the contact who didn't reply to which email.

How much can I do using generic scripts on the web?

Where's the best place for getting a quote for someone to do it all?

Thanks very much for your time!!
Any help is appreciated :)

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Re: Website shop/file delivery/resonse

Posted 15 June 2007 - 04:24 PM


i would suggest you find someone, a friend, acquaintance, somebody who you can sit down and talk to who has a relatively decent knowledge of web design to help you plan this out. you could go to a web design company now with the info you got , and they could fill in the details, and you would have to sell your kidneys to pay for it.

so i suggest you find someone with somemore knowledge of php, asp, mysql etc.... SOME kind of server side/databasing knowledge, that could more detailed plan this out for you. THEN you can go to someone and ask for a quote.

Depending on how much you actually know ( not to be rude but I am guessing it is little because you said you had a general idea of coding but didn't specify a code .... php is slightly different than html ) you may be able to take a content management system such as drupal, joomla, or any of the other ones. go to rahul's blog and look through some of the older posts, there is one or two about good cms systems. http://www.dreaminco...batra/index.php?

they are going to offer alot more things than you really want, but a) you can cut them down to offer just what you need, and B) have a large community with many extensions and add-ons to add that extra functionality you might want.

then the extra coding will be limited and you will have to pay less.

if your in an urban area check out craigslist, then you can find someone close so you can get together with them. another big site for picking up coders is rentacoder.com

long ass post.
good luck
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Re: Website shop/file delivery/resonse

Posted 20 June 2007 - 09:25 AM

i dont have the time at the moment to realy thouroughly read your idea, but one hint:
never send filenames-paths in emails.
you dont want ppl to do direct linking.
send them to a page that finds the requested file (from database) related to some code you sent.
then use a file pushing script to give the user the actual file.
That is the _only_ way to be sure it will not get abused, and to do decent accounting.
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