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Location: California
Age: 17
Birthdate: March 4th 1995
Height: Not entirely sure... Around 5'10"
Weight: 170
Hair: dirty blonde
Eyes: blue
Education: Senior year in high school and third semester at local college
Programming Languages: Visual Basic 2010 .NET, a little bit of Python, and a little bit of C#
Years Programming/Designing: 1
Employer: IT department at college
Hobbies/Interests: Photography, coding, Minecraft, coding, and sleeping!
Favorite Bands: Mayhem, Darkthrone, Beseech, Hypocrisy
Favorite Movie: Repo! The Genetic Opera!
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Number: 6
Favorite Beverage: Uber Monster Energy
Favorite Food: Pizza Rolls
Favorite Sport: Uh.. Martial Arts?
Favorite Phrase: There's no place like
Favorite Animal: Cat
Favorite Video Game: Minecraft
Favorite Quote:
Last Good Book I Read: The Call of Cthulhu
If I Could Have One Superhuman Ability, It Would Be: Flying

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