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Creating a Table to organise results for my Sports Competition

Posted 09 October 2012 - 09:12 PM

Hey so pretty much, I am looking at creating a program using C which will enable me to keep track of our Universities Quidditch tournament. There will be 10 teams competing, with each team playing each other once.
What i want to do is:
1.Create a table which will keep track of the games-played/wins/losses/points for/points against (possibly a net points column too)
2.Have the table arrange in order after each match who has the most points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw)
3. If teams are level on points then have the table organise by 'points net' and then again alphabetically (im assuming i will use an if else statement to do this)
what i have worked out to do so far
I know that i need to define my variables including team names, games played, wins, loses, draws, points scored, points conceded.
*I have created 2 '.dat' files.
The first is simply a list of all the quidditch team names in alphabetical order. (will remain a constant)
The second is a list of mock game results presented in the form:* "Snitchgrabbers 170 BartyBeaters 140 (continuing like this as each game result is added)
Where i need help
I am stuck on a few things. Firstly how i go about importing both of these files (I am using Microsoft Visual Basic) Atm the best i can come up with is this code:
" int input_status;
FILE * fp;

fp = fopen("U:\\input1.dat","r");

if (fp==NULL)

printf("Unable to open the file");
" Furthermore, once i have these files imported i am not sure what loops i need to use to achieve what i want to achieve!*
I should mention i have basic knowledge in C coding and how loop constructs work.. I am a primary teacher so it isn't near the knowledge you guys have :)
I know that i am asking for a lot of help and i would be happy to make it up to anyone at all who is willing to spend some time to help me.. e.g. some months of reddit gold or a feature in our quidditch documentary which is being published... I will also give credit to you in the code for any help which is received.

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Re: Creating a Table to organise results for my Sports Competition

Posted 09 October 2012 - 09:17 PM

Please avoid duplicate posting.
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