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Cool Python Puzzle Site

Posted 15 November 2012 - 12:34 AM

Just thought I'd put this here. I haven't checked if this has already been posted so my bad if it's a repost. Basically I'm a student in college pursuing a degree in computer programming. Since I don't yet have a job as a computer programmer and my class work is rather basic I started looking for programming challenge sites. The first one I found is Project Euler, which is a great site for programming. I solved about 40 - 45 problems there and got bored because all of their problems are related to math and I wanted to solve programming problems that were more interesting to me. Anyway I did a quick search and got a good list of sites. I've looked at a couple of them, but so far my number one pick is python challenge. It almost feels like I'm playing a game when completing the challenges. So the purpose of this post is to 1: share my sites with anyone who doesn't know about them and 2: If anyone has more sites similar to project euler or pythonchallenge, please post them! I suppose since this is the python forum, I'd like to request that they are sites which can be solved in python.

Python is currently my favorite language. If anyone wants to get together in a chat room to discuss ideas for solving the problems on pythonchallenge that would be great please send me a message. Right now I've been stuck on problem 18. I don't want this post to seem like ' I'm so great I found a puzzle site'. Instead I just want to share this site, get more, and maybe make some friends.

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