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my first experience w/ game programming, language/tutorial suggestions

Posted 29 November 2012 - 08:41 PM

First time poster here, I have been coding in C/C#/C++ for some time in college and internships and am wanting to get into game programming. I have a few questions / concerns I was hoping any of you helpful folk would have some knowledge on!

-of the 3 languages I can code proficiently which will be the best to start GAME programming, note I already know how to code in each and most people have said "don't start game programming in C++ its one of the more intensive languages to learn"...but I already know it. so any advise or personal experiences you want to share would really help!

-as far as libraries or engines which are going to do what I want? I'm specifically wanting to make 2D games, mostly platformers(ie mario), JRPGs (ie Final Fantasy), and zelda/secret of mana top down action games. so any engines/libraries pertaining to those as well as tutorials would be awesome! Also would a zelda clone be an unrealistic starting project? in my mind it seems like a basic game code-wise, but I have no games experience so that is likely not true.

-Tutorials, as I am low on the funding I'm curious of some free online/pdf/video tutorials people have found helpful. I'd really be interested if anyone has tutorials for making a game where they sorta walk you through the process, so by the end of the lessons you have a game (or a few) that you've coded.

sorry for the long winded questions, I know it's better to have more questions then just "how do i make a game" haha!
hopefully you folks have some great tips/tricks/ideas I could use. Any help is a big help :)/>

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Replies To: my first experience w/ game programming, language/tutorial suggestions

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Re: my first experience w/ game programming, language/tutorial suggestions

Posted 30 November 2012 - 06:39 AM

Please make sure to check out our pinned threads at the top of the forum, as well as look through existing threads. This question gets asked a lot, and I believe this question has been answered a ton. :)
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