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writing opeeating system in C++

Posted 01 December 2012 - 04:25 PM

Ive doybted if this is the right forum, so if not feel free to move it.
Secondable, i am writing this on my tablet so please ignore type errors.
I've been trying to make my own opeeating system, I already have experience with assembly, C and C++ and wanted to write my own OS.
I found a tutorial explaining how to compile the kernel, and how it would run a binary called 'init' but due the missing of some rquirments i couldnt folloe that tutorial. However I seem to be unable to find any other tutorial thats alike.
i cant provide the link (which is on my pc) ill post it here as soon as possible.
Basicly im wondering, does anyone knows how to compile the linux kernel and make it run a self made binary or something?
Help is appreciated.

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