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create workflow programme

Posted 13 December 2012 - 06:05 AM

Hello all,

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this topic. i'm trying to think of a way to write a basic programme that allows me to create flowcharts in python. i'd preferably like a simply step by step interface that allows me to input the details for each step and then simply execute a printable/savable document that appears as a flowchart?

anyone got any hints or thoughts? would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: create workflow programme

Posted 17 December 2012 - 07:12 AM

Welcome to the dream in code forums!
It sounds like you need to start work with the GUI for your program. Python has a few different ways of doing GUI's depending on your version of python and your needs. A few include; wxPython, pythonCard (drag and drop, very easy to use) and tkinter. Using one of these libraries, you can create the sort of layout you desire.
Your next step would be the actual coding, deciding how you are going to store the information and what you want to do with it. For a flow chart, I would say that having individual files for each flow chart would be better than using a database. so after the user enters the information into the GUI, you need to take it process it and store it in a file, you will have to decide how you want to store the information in the file, in a complete-printable document format, or a format that can be read by your program and processed into a flow chart, etc.
If you want your program to display the flow chart, you can do various things like; creating an image, displaying them in a set template built into a static GUI, or creating a html page to display them. This will allow the user to view them and print them, etc.

Hopefully you will find this helpful (sorry it is very general, but you weren't very specific) as a general sort of guide, but if you would like some more help (especially with the code), please post again with the details and I will be more than happy to help :)
Good Luck!
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