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[Firefox] Can't Scroll While Selecting Text

Posted 13 December 2012 - 11:56 PM

I believe my problem is related to this: https://bugzilla.moz...g.cgi?id=491079

can't post the source code due to privacy and sheer amount of code :(

I have a jQuery dialog box that has an overflowed content div in it. If I press ctrl+a to select the contents (the contents are set to unselectable or something so I can't highlight it with the mouse) and try to move the scrollbar 'caret' (or w/e you call it), I get the circular crossed out sign and the caret won't budge by more than 3-4 pixels (that's not good enough).

I initially thought this had something to do with the jquery draggable functionality, but I'm not so sure.

any possible workarounds, other than ignoring the bug, than anyone knows of? I can provide more details if needed.

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