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Anti-Depressant marketing teams are insane: PROOF!

Posted 21 December 2012 - 05:42 PM

At the request of several members on this forum, I took up watching TV... The only thing I can really say for sure, is that the people making commercials for Anti-Depressants/the ++ part of Anti-Depressants/other things that can fuck you up in more ways than you can enumerate in a minute, are probably on some really good drugs...

Look at this shit.. (0:35 for fun) The dealer doesn't deliver the message, the dealer's image on a projector screen delivers the message.

There's another one I can't find on youtubes about abilify, but it has a chick and an umbrella, and the fucking umbrella takes notes, too! From the dealer's image (female this time) on a projector screen! What drug dealer carries around a projector screen? Seriously??!!

To jump into the mind of the poor little unfulfilled darling, "Oh, I need to write down all these different ways I might get fucked up by this drug that no one ever states explicitly that it will help me, so that later when I get fucked up and want to sue some bitches, they can say, "Well I fuckin' told you so! Didn't you see the commercial?""

Also, one I just saw, about intermezzo, a repackaged version of ambien, personifies a lightbulb and talks about all the crazy trips you can take on the shit and how it might (surely accidentally) kill you.. To make it even more hilarious, the lightbulb turns off at the end! (but you know it didn't burn out ---> die because it is still smiling..)


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Re: Anti-Depressant marketing teams are insane: PROOF!

Posted 21 December 2012 - 05:47 PM


Yeah uh, depression is a serious issue for many folks. This topic really has no discussion value besides flames... Instead of watching TV, go outside and interact with real people!
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