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"Hello cube" project - drawing and rotating a 3D cube on scree

Posted 28 December 2012 - 05:01 PM

I am fresh out of a Java course and out of classes until next August. I did not get what I wanted out of the course.

I've been looking around for a challenging project that's attainable. I figure using existing libraries to get a 3 dimensional cube to display and rotate on the screen is an innocuous enough goal that should blow up enough to be challenging but not be esoteric enough to leave me out in the middle of nowhere.

I'd prefer coding this in Java because it's the language I have the most recent experience in but if switching to another language would provide me with a more easily monetized skill, I'm fine jumping languages. I've done C/C++ in the (distant) past and have friends who know C#.

I have no idea where to start and suspect I need my hand held from a blank source file to being able to instance an object in a 3-dimensional viewport before I'll start seriously figuring stuff out on my own. Where should I look?


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Re: "Hello cube" project - drawing and rotating a 3D cube on scree

Posted 28 December 2012 - 06:53 PM

There are a few options here

You can use OpenGL through the Java3D, JOGL, JWJGL wrappers, there are others. I believe you can also use directX, but other wrappers exist for that. The documentation for each can be found on the appropriate website. JMonkeyEngine is an engine you can use for simplifying the process further, but is probably overkill for this.

You could also write your own rendering code, but this is math heavy and requires knowledge on graphics programming. I wouldn't go this route unless you really want to do this.

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