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[link] Why Rails?

Posted 31 December 2012 - 12:44 PM


People love trying to learn just enough of something to determine if it's worth more time investing.. a solid article to get your feet wet without burning up too much time.


Your choice, when learning a new framework, is an incredibly important one. It takes countless hours and effort to become proficient and learn all the best practices Ė even for experienced developers.

That's why it's necessary to understand the peculiarities of a framework as early as possible, in order to determine if it's the right solution for the problem that youíre trying to solve. In this article, Iíll cover many of the key areas of the Ruby on Rails framework, and why I feel that itís an excellent choice for web developers.

Rails is a powerful framework that can help you become more productive and confident, when working on complex projects. This is possible, thanks to its strong conventions and solid structure. Large companies, such as 37 Signals, Pivotal Labs, Groupon (or even Twitter in the old days) have chosen Rails as the base architecture for their core applications. Thereís a reason why!

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