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[Link] Modern Threading for Not-Quite Beginners

Post icon  Posted 09 January 2013 - 11:12 PM


Multithreaded programming in Java has a reputation for difficulty, but most developers can untangle it with smart, designed-for-concurrency constructs that are standard with the Java platform. In this follow-up to my survey of basic modern threading techniques, I'll introduce some of the constructs in Doug Lea's java.util.concurrent package and also discuss a few standbys of Java threading horror -- which aren't actually such a big deal when properly worked around. All in all, I will touch on seven topics that can help you make the best, or the worst, of your multithreaded programs:

-Thread management (a recurring theme)
-Runnable vs Callable
-Shared resources and immutability
-Synchronized blocks
-Inter-thread communication: Signals and locks
-Executors and thread pools


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