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[Link] Google's J2ObjC Compiler

Post icon  Posted 13 January 2013 - 08:53 PM

This link is a bit dated, but has anyone used Google's J2ObjC Compiler? Has this made it easier to develop iOS apps? Other thoughts?


Google has open sourced J2ObjC, a transpiler converting Java source code to Objective-C/C++ source code for the iOS platform.

According to the J2ObjC’s wiki, the project was started out of frustration dealing with different code bases for web, Android and iOS applications. While web client apps based on GWT can share non-UI code with Android apps, the same apps had to be rewritten for iOS from scratch. J2ObjC solves part of the problem being able to convert business logic Java code into its corresponding Object-C/C++ source code that does not require editing in order to be used. The tool does not generate iOS UI code because its authors believe that “the only way to get a world-class, fast iOS UI is to write it in Objective-C using Apple's iOS SDK frameworks,” and due to intricacies dealing with such code.

While server code could theoretically be translated, J2ObjC currently supports only client-side development. The generated code uses the iOS Foundation Framework and can be integrated with Xcode either via an external build project with a separate makefile, or by adding a build rule to an existing project. Generated code can be profiled, tested and analyzed with Xcode Instruments, like any other iOS app.


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