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Connected to Wi-Fi but no internet [Mac]

Posted 15 January 2013 - 12:11 PM


So I have a MacBook Air which I bought recently and I connected it to my home wireless connection. It says that it is successfully connected to wireless but when i try browsing internet it says that there is no internet connection. I am pretty sure that the problem is not to my wi-fi connection or router, because if any other computer in my house connects to the exact same network it works perfectly (all other computer are PC's (windows)). One thing that I forgot to mention is that 2 days ago it worked normally on the same laptop and during that period no updates or software changes have been made.
I though that the problem is that the laptop is not 'signed in' our router so I accessed it and typed it's mac address and added it to the list and it's still not working.

What I tried:

- Rebooting
- Reconnecting to the wireless
- Network diagnosis

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Re: Connected to Wi-Fi but no internet [Mac]

Posted 16 January 2013 - 08:55 AM

Take a look at your internet/network settings.
Perhaps you're set at a static IP that isn't on your range.
Try setting it to DHCP. Maybe 2 days ago you changed it for Starbucks or your school or office ???

If that doesn't do it try manually setting your DNS.
Are Google dns

Next check if your provider caps the number of devices it will issue service to. Many limit to 5 devices which just doesn't cut it in today's modern household of tablets, smartphone, smart TV's and internet aware cable boxes and bluray players. SO what could have happened 2 days ago is that you were item number 5 and your bluray player couldn't get on the internet. Then you left the house and your bluray player took slot 5. Now you can't get on.

If you do have more devices than your provider will handle you may have to put your own router in between your provider and you. That way your provider sees one address, and your router handles the 20 devices in your household.
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