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Joomla Issues with Hidden Pages and Weird URLS

Posted 20 January 2013 - 02:13 AM


I've been on the Joomla forum and had no luck so far - Not sure if anyone knows of any other Joomla forums that are any good.... On the off chance I will ask here...

On our Joomla sites we get hidden pages/ urls that appear to be just parts of other pages. I usually only find them after the sites live and do a site:www.domain.com search in google. When I use my scanning software, Is this to do with us creating modules and using the modules to make the pages? Or is there something else we are doing wrong? Does anyone get this and how do you solve it?

eg:- some of the hidden pages are below (please note:- I have changed certain words like the domain or page number but you should get the point...


Also I've noticed Google has weird indexing on certain page.
Usually the listing looks like....

Page Title
Meta Description displayed....

Some pages are appearing like this

Page Title
www.domain.com > Page Title > Page Title > Uncategorized
Meta Description displayed....

Basically it's displaying the breadcrumb BUT only the breadcrumb on the weird/hidden pages...

Are we building are Joomla sites properly? I feel we are doing something wrong... Any ideas?

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