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What is 3rd party software?

Posted 26 January 2013 - 05:16 AM

Hi im very new to php and I just want to ask what is this 3rd party software my instructor is telling to me but just curious about it i tried to search it in google and can't understand it but maybe here I can learn something from pros, anyway I also would want to find out does it 3rd party software have listbox like in vb.net for php? because I tried searching the net for code in php for listbox but can't find one please guide me :helpsmilie:

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Re: What is 3rd party software?

Posted 26 January 2013 - 05:42 AM


3rd party software is not a specific piece of software. It's a general term used for software components used in a program that were not written by the author of that program. For example, the Chrome/Chromium browser is written by a team of developers. However, in order to show PNG images in their browser, they use the libpng open-source library that was not written by those same developers (as far as I know.) That makes the libpng library a 3rd party component in the Chrome browser.

As for the listbox thing. PHP is not (typically) a client-side language. It does not have GUI components like list boxes. All PHP does in a traditional website is process data and generate client-side code: HTML, CSS and Javascript. If you want to create a list box for a PHP driven website, that will have to happen in HTML/CSS and Javascript.

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