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[Paid] C# Developer (with relocation)

Posted 13 February 2013 - 12:30 PM

Position information
We are looking for a C# developerers for a game development studio.
You will be involved in the design and implementation of all ingame features, ensuring the realization of the game concept to the highest possible standard within required time.
We are looking for people who really love what they are doing who are passionate about the game development.
We are accepting both Senior C# developers and newbies who just finished their degree if they can demonstrate required skills.

* You have to demonstrate some of your previous game or multimedia related projects. It doen't have to be a commercial game, but you have to show us something, even if it is just a demo or a game engine you build yourself.
* Strong working knowledge of C#.
* Strong working knowledge of graphical libraries, shader technology, networking.
* Able to communicate effectively and work well with others (working language is English).

Key Responsibilities for Senior C# dev
* Code design and architecture (general game programming, game engine, game servers, etc.)
* Documentation
* Implementing platform specific features
* Coordinating bug tracking process
* etc.

Key Responsibilities for Junior C# dev
* General programming
* Working with other developers to implement ingame features
* Documentation
* etc.

About us
We welcome you to become a part of AtomicTorch Studio. We are located in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Sky Garden 3 (the team is all from Europe/Americas though), so you will have to relocate here. We will cover all your flight expenses and housing, plus visas etc. The office building has a pool and gym. Also we have a nice office with an unlimited supplies of free coffee, tea and food Posted Image
Working week is Mon.-Fri. (40 hours), but on Saturday there is typically a 30-60 min meeting and a mandatory gaming time for couple of hours.

The salary is US$80.000+ (or more depending on your skills).

Some general idea about living and working conditions in Sky Garden 3 - https://www.google.c...rden+3&tbm=isch

Contact us
Send your C.V. and portfolio to [email protected] (inline, no attachments) with subj "AT DEV". Also please include your skype ID. We will contact you through skype for interview. If you have any additional questions please feel free to add them to your e-mail.

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Re: [Paid] C# Developer (with relocation)

Posted 19 February 2013 - 06:31 PM

Do you have a website or anything? Searching "AtomicTorch Studio" in Google only returned this same job offer on a bunch of different forums.
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