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Modelling bacterial growth equations

Posted 19 February 2013 - 08:32 AM


I am wanting to write a programme to model bacterial growth with the following equations but I am unsure how you turn equations into python programming language. Could anyone help?

My hypothesis is that there are two species of bacteria. One acts to reduce the pH to a certain level and once reduced to this level a second species will start to act to increase production of Fe(II).

The process will generate CO2 and lose OH-

The equations are as follows. c = concentration. a = rate 1/time

dc1/dt = k1c1

ac1 = d/dt[CO2]
ac2 = d/dt[CO2]

[OH-] = [OH-]0 - d/dt[CO2]
pH = -log10((10^-14)/[OH-])

dc2/dt = {k2c2 pH <threshold}
{0 pH >threshold}

I hope that makes sense. Any help appreciated!

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