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XNA: Manual Bone Transformations, Combining Animations.

Posted 06 March 2013 - 08:12 PM

Hello and good evening everyone,

There are two questions I've been searching for an answer to for a while now, with nothing so far helping in any way at all.

First, though, I'm using XNA Game Studio for all the coding and Blender for the 3D model, exporting in an FBX format. I'm using a Skinned Model variation as detailed in the book "3D Graphics With XNA Game Studio 4.0," which isn't too much different from the Skinned Model Sample provided by MSDN.

On to the first question I have been trying to get answers to.
For now, I'm wanting to get two animations, titled RightArm_Test and LeftArm_Test, to play at the same time as each other. Each animation only concerns the right and left arm bones and the part of the mesh attached to them. So far, every attempt I've failed to get anything but one animation to play.

Now the second question, which also concerns animation, but of a different sort.
If the above is beyond my reach, then I was looking into manual animations: hard-coding bone rotations for each bone as needed, say making a series of voids for different right arm animations, and calling those and combining with other voids as needed. As the above, so far, nothing has been a success.

Before these are mentioned in replies, I'll make you all aware that I have tried a Skinned Model Extension project with no success, as well as a Simple Animation project with a tank with no success, either.
My preference would be to combine animations, rather than hard-code them, but I'll settle for whichever is the most feasible.

Thank you for your time,

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