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Take Text From Input Box and Display in Output Box

Posted 16 March 2013 - 04:24 PM

so I have to write a program where there is one input box, one output box, and three buttons.

Box 1: receive input
Box 2: Output Text

Button 1:Make all letters uppercase
Button 2:Make all letters lowercase
Button 3:When this is clicked it swaps the uppercase and lowercase letters

now, I think I can handle the upper and lowercase parts, my problem is...stupid,

how do I accept input text from box 1 then output text in box 2? once I get this going I think i can handle the rest, a hint on button 3 would be sweet too. I know ill need to go through an array convert each character to an ascii value +/- 32 depending on the value then convert back to a char, im not sure about the conversion part...

thanks for the help in advance

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