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Help needed for a research study on the management of software develop

Posted 28 March 2013 - 11:00 AM

Dear folks,

I’m a PhD student at Queen’s University, Canada and need your help with one of my PhD thesis projects. Please consider participating in a survey regarding the management of software development projects if you are a software development professional and have at least 1 year of experience in a software development project(s) (The role could be a project manager, business/system analyst, business/system architect, programmer, tester, consultant, or a similar software development project role).

Briefly speaking, this research aims to investigate beliefs and preferences regarding the management of software development projects. We want to learn about how you, as a software development professional, view and value different types of software development concepts and principles. These concepts and principles are derived from our interviews with 19 software development experts and comprehensive literature review on multiple software development methodologies and best practices, such as RUP, CMMI, XP, Scrum, FDD, Lean, TSP. We seek to find out what concepts/principles are generally clustered together and which types of people are in favor of the specific sets of concepts/principles. We believe that this would help organizations understand adoption barriers of software development methodologies and provide insight into how to tailor methodologies for different project teams.

The survey will take you approximately 25-40 minutes to complete, depending on the number of concepts you identify. As a small token of thanks, I would like to give you a $10 eGift card (e.g., Starbucks) for participating in this study.
Should you be interested, you are entitled to a copy of the findings.

If participating in this study is of interest to you, please click the following URL to enter the survey.

Your help with this research would be greatly appreciated.

Yi-Te Chiu
PhD Candidate, Management Information Systems
Queen's School of Business, Queen's University

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