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finding Noun is a Word Document

Posted 31 March 2013 - 07:11 AM

Hi everyone,

I need to high light nouns/verbs from a sentence written in Microsoft Word. I am currently using Word 2010 version. I stumbled upon a solution to use the following code.

[speachlist = Activedocument.Words(2).SynonymInfo.PartOfSpeechList]
[MsgBox speachlist(1)]

but the problem is; this code picks the second word from the sentence and find a Synonym and tells me the grammertical usage of the Synonym. not the word that it picked.

I want the code to pick the word from my sentence like
[myword = Activedocument.Words(2).Text]
and tell me if it a Noun/Verb so that i can highlight it.

Pretty please if someone can look in to this question. thanks in advance.

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