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game.swf & loader.swf question [Wall of text]

Posted 19 April 2013 - 01:03 AM

Hi there. The game I need help with is Hammerfest, and it belongs to MotionTwin. It's a platformer in which you have to go through a pit. Each level takes you below, but there are also parallel dimensions. There are over 350 items, and there are many goals, like defeating the final boss, unlocking items or just scoring points. One key aspect to score points is to kill the enemies of each level in a set order, which gives you a large amount of points. You can play for free once a day, or you can buy tokens and play more.

This game was created in 2005, but it was never finished. Over the past few years the active players are less and less. Even on the official website, the last announcement made was in april 2010. They literally abandoned their game in favor of new ones, but at least they didn't close the server and the few active players can still enjoy the game. I've been playing this game since 2008 and I've achieved everything one can dream of. My goal now is to make videos of the game, of every single level and some techniques. There are fan-sites dedicated to a lot of MotionTwin games. Making these videos would improve the information available about Hammerfest, which would attract new players from other MotionTwin games, reviving the community a bit. If enough people start playing it, we could even ask the company to finish the game.

Now this was quite a bit long for an intro, but here is my problem: Making these videos takes a lot of time. There are well over 200 levels. Finishing each of them while killing all the enemies in a set order to show the best way of doing it, is actually really hard. If I fail, I can't try again until the next day. On top of that, even if I just had to do 1 level, if it's a deep one like level 90 (you start at 0) it takes a lot of time to get there and just to have a try!
So with all that in mind, what I want is being able to play the game without tokens. This would let me try as many times as I need until I get a successful video. I know this is kind of stealing, but don't stop reading yet.

"Why don't you just buy tokens?" Because I want to focus on a level per game, which makes the task way easier. 25 tokens = 5. Assuming a success rate of 50%, I would need 400 games to make these videos, not taking into account other kind of videos like defeating the boss, secret techniques and more. 400 / 25 = 16. That's at least 80 (more than 100$). I'm not willing to spend that money just to make helpful videos, because I'll get nothing for it.

I've spent a big amount of money on this game when I actually wanted to progress. I can send you the emails I received every time I purchased tokens if that's a requirement for you to help me.

The game has been abandoned by the developers. They don't expect to make much profit on it, and would likely not care if I do this because of the amount of money I've spent. The fact that I only do this to help others is a plus.

Now that you know what the game is about, my project and the reasons why you would want to help me, here's the more technical info:

The game consists in two files, "game.swf" and "loader.swf". I believe this is the case with most flash games on the web. I used flasm to decompile both files and notepad to read them. In the game file I can change the value of any item, their rarity and other interesting things, but I don't think this will be useful. I thought the loader would contain info about my account like unlocked bonuses, game modes, number of tokens, etc, but all I can understand is text messages and item names that appear in the game, in the 3 languages that the game can be played on. I really have no idea of what can I do to be able to play the game without tokens, from my desktop, or from my own website, or even from the official website, but without the need of having tokens. Anyway my loader is attached below. I hope you, flash experts, know how to do this and are willing to help me.

Ultimately, I want to thank you for reading through my whole post. I know it's extensive, but if I just asked for this without context, it would look like I'm trying steal a game from their owners, and nothing is further from reality.

My Hammerfest profile, if someone happens to play this game.

Thanks in advance.

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