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[link]Marketing Your Indie Game

Posted 26 April 2013 - 09:38 AM


A well thought out, and pretty broad, coverage of "what should I be doing towards the end of game development". I've talked with a whole mess of people over the years that can't seem to jump this hurdle. Sure their buddies may play their game, but to hit that larger audience a more cohesive strategy needs to be knocked out.


Marketing your game is probably as important as debugging and polishing it. Without marketing, youíre completely reliant on gamers knowing about your game without you telling them. Now, if you win a major contest or get picked up by a major distributor, that could very well happen, but for the rest of us, it wonít.

Itís not entirely necessary to do everything listed in this article, but at the very least you should:

Create a website.
Post a YouTube video of your trailer.
Contact a few game journalists who have shown prior interest in your type of game. (Remember, keep your emails short and personal.)
Place it on Steam Greenlight (as long as itís not super-casual).

Do at least that, and youíll stand a chance of developing your brand. Happy marketing!

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