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[link] Life of a Level Designer

Posted 14 May 2013 - 11:06 AM


An honest and succinct look into the role of a level designer. Well worth the peek to see if this may be something for you, to see how a work flow goes, and what you might need to know!


Only the very beginning of the process is how you might imagine it. It involves making a sketch of a level, basically planning all the cool events from start to finish. This is the nice part. Itís also the most important phase of level creation. But thatís not necessarily because youíre planning the chain of events. Itís because itís the time when you have to think a few months up front and analyze gameplay problems, technicalities and memory issues Ė how this will affect that, is this doable, will this work just as you planned etc. All this is necessary if you want to avoid huge problems in the future and have a fun and well-done level.

You need to know everything. What is this room? How will this sequence look like? How many enemies do you plan to have here? Where are they going to walk out from? What will distinguish this fighting arena from the next 12 arenas? You have to be able to present it to others, show them a huge gray block moving and explain that you imagine this as a half-car half-monkey mutated alien babyÖ

But also this must be achievable for programmers, meshers and be certified by your lead, production and most important of all Ė the Creative Director
The bottom line is a Level Designer does 1001 things that an average player wonít ever notice! Even if at times it is hard and time consuming I wouldnít change it for anything else, because it gives me satisfaction like no other job before.

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