Challenges specific to your level

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Challenges specific to your level

Posted 07 June 2013 - 02:06 PM

This is not a challenge (but it has to do with them) and if this is in the wrong forums I apologize, but I figured this was the best place for this.

I was thinking about these forums the past couple of days and noticed that there were not a whole lot of challenges, and the ones that are here might be either too advanced or perhaps too simple (for you veterans).

So, I was kicking around an idea and thought I would share it.

I haven't spent much time on these forums, but I do know that quite a few people visit them and I'm sure that those people have varying degrees of knowledge and experience. That being said, I was thinking of a way to have challenges that were tailored more specifically to the individual. I think the challenges section could be (not saying it isn't already) a fantastic place for people to continue learning (along with various tutorials here - and on other sites).

The basic idea is that people looking to study a specific area of C# could post in the challenges section with titles that state something like "TIL about arrays - challenge me", (TIL = today I learned) or something to that affect. Then perhaps someone with more knowledge could post a particular challenge tailored to that specific subject, or perhaps incorporate other basic things into the challenge.

This may not go over well at all, but it was something I was thinking about and just thought I would share it. It could be a complete waste of time and perhaps the forums really shouldn't be cluttered up with personal challenge requests. Still, I thought that this may be another way for forum interaction and could perhaps benefit someone looking to be challenged on a certain area of C#.

Just a thought. Cheers

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Re: Challenges specific to your level

Posted 07 June 2013 - 04:04 PM

We do have Project List threads broken up as you are describing.

Any member wishing to submit a fun challenge is welcome to do so. A Mentor, Forum Leader or Team Member will have to approve the challenge though.
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