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ExportToHttpResponse Takes A Long Time

Posted 13 June 2013 - 06:37 PM

My crystal report has a main report and a subreport. It has lots of formulas inside. Running the web application, it produces a file with 2500+ pages.

If I call the stored procedure directly on MSSQL, the query takes 15 seconds to be executed. The time it takes to perform ExporttroHttpResponse that produces an Open/Save Dialog box that allows the user to download file on client-side takes too long. The following are the tests performed:

Trial 1
Number of Pages: 2558
Time Started: 14:47
Time Ended: 15:08
Approximate Time for Download: 21 minutes

Trial 2
Number of Pages: 2530
Time Started: 15:57
Time Ended: 15:25
Approximate Time for Download: 28 minutes

Trial 3
Number of Pages: 2511
Time Started: 09:03
Time Ended: 09:22
Approximate Time for Download: 19 minutes

Now, I am wondering which affects the speed. Is it just the number of pages or the formulas inside? There are a lot of conditions in this file that are easier to compute inside the report than querying in the database since there are nested groups. Should I reduce formulas inside the report and query them in MSSQL instead?

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Re: ExportToHttpResponse Takes A Long Time

Posted 14 June 2013 - 03:51 AM

If the SQL is too complex to write , try LINQ
You can easily group data on multiple levels, sort and do almost any imaginable calculation in an intuitive way.
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