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On macro , edi and esi registers

Posted 04 July 2013 - 08:32 AM

I need some help to fully understand this section of script.
This is a simple script that works with queues, and this is a section of code relative to enqueue; first we see it in C:

/* n is length of queue   */
void enqueue(){
   if (count<n){
      printf("\n%s\n","Error: Queue is full"); 

and in MASM:

enqueue macro
        .if count < lengthof queue
         inc count        ; increment count
         mov eax,number   ; load eax with number
         mov [edi],eax    ; store eax in rear
         mov eax,edi      ; copy edi (rear) to eax
         sub eax,offset queue ; subtract address of queue..HERE WHY????
         add eax,4        ; increment eax by 4
         cdq              ; convert double to quad
         mov ecx,sizeof queue ; get size of queue (bytes)
         idiv ecx         ; divide
         mov edi,offset queue ; load address in rear 
         add edi,edx          ; add remainder to rear
         INVOKE printf, ADDR errfmt, ADDR errmsg2

But I need to know two things:
1)Why in this macro we canít use conditional assembly?? or we can??

2)Whay we need to subtract from eax address of queue, before to add 4 to it??
edi is a pointer to first queue item, because in main we declare :

mov edi,offset queue+0.

Then I do not understand why we subtract queue offset to this address;
would be sufficient incremeant eax by 4, directly????
and again, why we can't do that instead? :

mov eax, 4
add esi, eax ;???? it's possible use add with two registers..right??

i'm a little confused... :crazy:
ps if You need full code , i'll do it..., thanks in advance!

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Re: On macro , edi and esi registers

Posted 18 July 2013 - 11:20 PM

I hope I understood you right...

1) I guess you are trying to use compile time conditionals for controlling the runtime behaviour.

2) By a quick look, I guess the idea is to get the index to do the wrapping (%)
to it, rather than to the pointer.

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