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Inviting you to an open project: Web Broadcast TV Guide

Posted 05 July 2013 - 05:38 PM

Hi folks,

first of all: hello to the entire community, you got quite the awesome board going here. Glad to have found you.

I don't want to waste any of your attention, the domain and a small page are already live, so here goes what I have in mind.
I want to start a community based project and have already put some initiation energy into it. Now I'm trying to find out if other people like the idea and want to join in.

StreamCentral.TV - A livestream online TV Guide, created by users for users

Idea & Description:
With online live streaming having become increasingly popular, the entire scene has blown up with many different sites like livestream.com, ustream.tv, twitch/justin.tv and many others offering endless amounts of popular and not-so-popular web broadcasts in all categories you could ever imagine. Many popular streamers are featuring schedules for their regular viewers to follow and we're reaching the point where creating a "tv guide" for all of these has become a cool and viable idea. It's probably even a shame that the web doesn't have this yet ;-) This project aims at exactly that and a bit further.

An introduction page with all basic explanations and data is already online!
You can find it at

As you can see, I already registered the domain and put a solid amount of energy into explaining details of the project under said adress.

Clicking on the link will lead you to an indepth Question & Answer section and a rough concept of how we can proceed with this. I'm looking for people to work on this in several communities, so I set that page up to make contacting easy and explain everything on a central page.

Please note the following:
  • "Open Project" and "community driven" do mean exactly that and nothing more. It especially does not mean: "Come and do as you please, then leave and never be seen again." Everybody who already worked on something like this knows that your intentions have to be sort of "long term oriented". On the other hand, this is not supposed to make anybody work their a**es off, but much rather it's supposed to be fun for those who want to create something new and useful in a team.
  • Most of all possible questions are answered on the introduction page already. Please be so friendly to read through the Q&A :-)
  • Open does also not mean that ANYBODY can join, meaning newbies or people who are more interested in watching than anything else. I mean no offense by this but the goal is to create, not to amuse or to teach.

Still, we can have our fun, and indeed we should have fun, because everybody knows that a good atmosphere and a lot of motivation is the key to success ;-) The better we get along, the better the result.

You can find contact information and further details under mentioned domain!

Greetings and in hope of working with some of you soon,

PS: I have already worked on quite a few community projects in my life and this is the first one I'm trying to start up entirely on my own. I hope to find skilled and well tempered people here who have the same in mind ;-)

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Replies To: Inviting you to an open project: Web Broadcast TV Guide

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Re: Inviting you to an open project: Web Broadcast TV Guide

Posted 06 July 2013 - 11:24 AM

Sorry, seems like the service I chose to host this project page didn't want to fulfill it's promises.
Rehosted on another server, link should now work fine again.
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