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PasseGen - Password generator, encryptor, storage, and easy-access

Posted 28 July 2013 - 02:35 PM

Hi Guys,

I finally finished my first C# project available on Source Forge.

click here to download it: PasseGen
(Requires Windows Vista and above)

I have a bachelors in Organismal Biology, and have taught myself to code as it's incredibly daunting (I like a challenge)and relevant to my job as a Software QC Engineer (required to automate in C#).

So I was asked to begin learning how to code to accommodate my employer's requirement to automate tests in VS2012 using Microsoft's coded UI.

(If you are wondering how I got a job as a QC engineer with no coding ability, it was due to my experience as the "most prolific" tester on several video game projects including ones at Bethesda Softworks. And my willingness to learn on the fly. [Not that I think I'm special by any means, but I was confident in my history and my ability to learn quickly, and they seemed to be willing to take the chance])

Surprisingly, I was able to pick up the C# programming skills necessary to program test cases in a matter of about 5 days (I count myself lucky, rather than good).

In addition to learning on the job, I bought several C# books and took to making my own program as a learning experience. I wanted to create a password generator of the simplest, command console variety. My family asked me to make an encrypted, .wpf version that was password protected. I did so, knowing that many similar programs exist on the market.

Knowing that, I never intended to wow anyone, and absolutely never intended this to make me any money of any type.

I hope that you might get some enjoyment, use, or ideas out of my program. Any and all feature requests, criticism, and help is greatly appreciated!

***** I could not have completed this without the help of a great many Dream-In-Code-ers, so I cannot thank you enough for the help you have already given me!!!!

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