Java 2D game developing

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Re: Java 2D game developing

Posted 25 August 2013 - 01:19 PM

View Postaxel1994, on 25 August 2013 - 06:13 AM, said:

Beginning Java SE 6 Game Programming --> I don't find this one that useful, included in my list to be complete
Black Art of Java Game Programming --> heard it was a good book, not read yet.
Cutting Edge Java Game Programming --> also heard, it was good, not read yet.
Killer game programming in Java

Others, not java specific.
Object Oriented Game Development
Game coding complete
Game engine architecture
Game programming gems 1-6
Game programming all-in-one

As for books just on Java:
Effective Java
Java In a Nutshell (not really nutshell, book is 1k pages)

If you want to just finish this project, I suggest something along the lines of 1 java game programming book (and game coding complete or OO Game Development) and 1 regular java book.
The others I included are if you might be interested in looking further in game programming.

Also, even if the code is open source. Unless your teachers/professors told you you could take open source code, it will be treated as cheating.
The point is to learn how to code/think. They probably want you to write your own code.

I might sound like I'm whining, but I'm just warning you.

Thank you. I heard about that "Killer game programming" maybe I'll try that one. About the cheating thing, He even told us to just get any kind of game and enhance it. (Most of us took the games from planetsourcecode and just replaced the images) But I don't like the idea so I started with the codes from tutorials instead.
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