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Questions for a noob

Posted 31 July 2013 - 10:58 AM

Just getting my hands wet with making a company webpage.

My company is a larger healthcare company and there interested in me making a Wiki/intranet. I know basic html is there any good guides out there for this? I would want a user login interface.

I`m thinking of buying Dreamweaver and was wondering if this program would help..

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Re: Questions for a noob

Posted 31 July 2013 - 11:19 AM

Dreamweaver does a fairly good job at speeding up development, but as a learning tool I don't believe it is effective since it tends to do most of the work for you (or at least try to).

If you are wanting to set up a wiki I would suggest using something that is open source and already out there like media wiki. It works nicely and isn't too difficult to hook into a separate login system (since I assume your work already has a SSO (single sign on) or similar in place).

Creating a wiki is actually quite difficult, especially if you want it to do caching and other more advanced features. However, if you do want to attempt it a basic one can be done if you simply know HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL (yes, all of them are a necessity in this case); knowing Javascript and C on top of that will help as well (to speed things up through extensions and allow for client-side interactive elements like a rich text editor).

Hopefully that is of use.
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Re: Questions for a noob

Posted 01 August 2013 - 07:47 PM

There are tons of places to find tutorials for HTML/CSS. My favorite resource is www.w3schools.com

Edit: lynda.com is good too. Maybe see if your company can pay for it.

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Re: Questions for a noob

Posted 01 August 2013 - 10:04 PM

Be mindful of w3schools.com... while most of the information is solid they have their fair share of tainted info. They are actually discouraged on some of the less forgiving coder boards.

But BetaWar is right. Building wikis and intranets from scratch is not exactly the easiest thing in the world. Take it from someone who has done it with some mixed results. Took me a couple years to do and debug enough to make it workable. I would also suggest finding an already made solution if you can.


P.S. I would avoid DreamWeaver like the plague. I have seen nothing but bad stuff come from that program. Might be easy to use and fast for dev, but some of the stuff it generates is garbage.

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